leave me to die in this anime hell

"go to Tara for this quest"

WELP *cracks knuckles, prepares for the lag*

kawaiiass milletian comin through

kawaiiass milletian comin through

"hmm. my bank in Mabinogi is getting really crowded. i really should buy a pet for some extra inventory space… nah, I’ll wait until they have a limited time pet or a sale or something"

*literally the next day*

50% off pets!!!!


i heard this shitty song on the radio and it’s basically shitty little white boys who catcall women who are too good for them in the streets: the anthem

my parents are still out of town so for dinner today im going to go to my favorite asian cafe and eat some fucking spicy beef udon and im gonna get dressed up and treat myself and get ice cream afterwards bc im a princess and i deserve it. yeah. YEAH



next time you’re at a party in a town that you hate or dont give a shit about or something see how many dudes you can sneak off with and like go to take off their pants but then just pull their belt out of their pants and leave. see how many belts you can collect & compete with your friends. this is a sport called final fantasying


why do people put ham in anything. why do they eat ham. why do they buy it and make it for certain holidays. ham is the worst meat

i watch that video of the cat greeting its owner literally every time it comes up on my dash. cats are precious treasures


this is important