who put me into an ace attorney game

i feel so sorry for the girl who had to do the voice acting for this skunk girl

i hope he paid her. i hope he paid her a LOT and then NEVER talked to her again

i love how mike and melissa starts out as this kind of boring shitty attempt at an animated cliche love comedy but then the fucking manic pixie dream girl is a goddamn purple skunk and you realize the guy who made this is somehow even less self-aware than you first thought



some legends are told some turn to dust or to gold

but you will remember purple skunk gal


im bringing this back to the front page of my blog because i want to watch it again later it’s too good

i hate this i hate anxiety i just want to be NORMAL i want to be ablke to go out and make phone calls and talk to people without feeling like i am constantly going to fall over dead from panic

she got on my case about how far her office is from my home and how my mom is usually the one who takes care of specific insurance stuff and it was very obviously condescending and like she was making fun of me for… still relying on my parents sometimes??????????

Ive never had a doctor treat me that way before. what the fuck

i had to get my mom to call back and cancel because i was so upset. i cant believe how rude this lady who makes a living helping people with their mental problems was. i was about ready to fucking tear into her. what the fuck. you dont fucking laugh in the face of someone who just got done telling you about their anxiety

hahaha! sure is great trying to bulldoze your way through your anxiety to place a phonecall to a psychiatrist!!!!!! only to have them laugh at you when you don’t know the exact specifics of your insurance plan and basically act like a condescending asshole the whole time!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

橘 真琴(CV.鈴木達央), 松岡 凛(CV.宮野真守) - 10.真琴と凛と黒猫と
8,828 plays


Makoto and Rin with a Black Cat

I don’t have a full translation but IT’S STILL HELLA CUTE


Komaeda Nagito’s character-specific ending that takes place after Dangan Island’s default ending. Character-specific endings are achieved by maximizing your lovey-dovey meter with said character, which roughly translates to picking the ‘best choice’ 10 times while…